Hans Wackershauser is a Canadian actor/voice actor known primarily for his roles in anime. His extensive acting training has prepared him for such projects and characters as Yoshiharu Hisomu in Kiznaiver, Violet Eye in Beyblade Burst, Shingo Komoi in Cardfight!! Vangaurd, Agito & Raremaro in Future Card Buddyfight, Eizou Netsuki in World Trigger, Daragast Liar in The Ballad Singer and many other projects. Hans has been acting professionally since 2010. His film credits include Simon in Otaku High, Cliff in Ouroboros and Bohner69 the upcoming Sci-Fi Indie-Comedy/Horror Space Rippers.

Hans Wackershauser is an Apprentice ACTRA member and is represented by TEN48 Inc.

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